Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Loom is Warped (+ knitting patterns in the works)

I am so excited! Tonight I finally managed enough courage to warp my new floor loom. Everything went perfectly well, actually--I was expecting a huge fiasco. I'm really glad I got a rigid heddle loom first though, as I definitely felt like I would have had no idea what to do had I not warped ever before. I am making a sampler right now with various twills, and if it goes well then I will start a scarf!

I've also been very busy with a variety of knitting patterns. I have fallen in love with angora yarn, and so volunteered to make my sister a pair of angora/wool blend mittens. I'll post the pattern once I finish test-knitting it, but so far the verdict is they are quite cute. I've also been working on a pair of flip top gloves for myself, and another pair of gloves and mittens for myself. I may have an addiction to gloves and mittens.

Anyway, I just had to share my success with my loom--I'll have those knitting patterns and pictures of the things I'm making up soon!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scissors (+ free sheath pattern)

I love scissors. This is because I spent all of my very first sewing projects incredibly frustrated with really bad scissors I grabbed out of our family's desk drawers. I would look at sewing patterns online and think, "how can people actually cut straight lines?"

Then I got my first pair of actual sewing scissors. Suddenly, cutting fabric actually worked! My edges no longer looked like I had chewed them off! It was magical.

Anyway, yesterday I upgraded my scissors yet again to a pair of bent gingher shears. I chose gingher because I've always loved my gingher embroidery scissors, and they were on sale for 50% off--I have a hard time passing up such a good deal! But using these wonderful new shears has really put me in a scissors mood, so I decided to sew a little sheath for my embroidery scissors, and share the pattern.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am a big fan of needlebooks. I like to embroider, as I find it relaxing, but I like to make "practical" things--thus needlebooks. They're also super cute. :D

Anyway, these are two needlebooks I've made, one cross-stitch and one felt with embroidery.

I made this for my mom for mother's day. She doesn't embroider or sew, but she wanted one. I used a pattern (modified) I found here and found this tutorial helpful for putting it together. It is made of 28 count linen with cotton for the inside and wool felt to hold the needles.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Spring Break!

My break is over, and I am going back to classes this monday. So I thought I'd share what I've been doing for the past week!

I finally started both my wisp scarf and sirius ski hat! I had been waiting to get a pair of size 4 circs for the hat, and am glad I did--one of my lys started stocking Knitter's Pride dreamz needles, and they are very, very nice. I picked up some size 2 dpns as well!