Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Loom is Warped (+ knitting patterns in the works)

I am so excited! Tonight I finally managed enough courage to warp my new floor loom. Everything went perfectly well, actually--I was expecting a huge fiasco. I'm really glad I got a rigid heddle loom first though, as I definitely felt like I would have had no idea what to do had I not warped ever before. I am making a sampler right now with various twills, and if it goes well then I will start a scarf!

I've also been very busy with a variety of knitting patterns. I have fallen in love with angora yarn, and so volunteered to make my sister a pair of angora/wool blend mittens. I'll post the pattern once I finish test-knitting it, but so far the verdict is they are quite cute. I've also been working on a pair of flip top gloves for myself, and another pair of gloves and mittens for myself. I may have an addiction to gloves and mittens.

Anyway, I just had to share my success with my loom--I'll have those knitting patterns and pictures of the things I'm making up soon!