Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scissors (+ free sheath pattern)

I love scissors. This is because I spent all of my very first sewing projects incredibly frustrated with really bad scissors I grabbed out of our family's desk drawers. I would look at sewing patterns online and think, "how can people actually cut straight lines?"

Then I got my first pair of actual sewing scissors. Suddenly, cutting fabric actually worked! My edges no longer looked like I had chewed them off! It was magical.

Anyway, yesterday I upgraded my scissors yet again to a pair of bent gingher shears. I chose gingher because I've always loved my gingher embroidery scissors, and they were on sale for 50% off--I have a hard time passing up such a good deal! But using these wonderful new shears has really put me in a scissors mood, so I decided to sew a little sheath for my embroidery scissors, and share the pattern.

Embroidery Scissors Sheath Pattern:
This pattern is quite simple, and very quick.


  • Scrap of Leather or Thick Vinyl
  • Needle for leather use
  • Thread

Cut two of the pattern shape out of the leather or thick vinyl, then, with right sides facing outwards, sew around them in running stitch about a 1/16" from the sides, leaving the tops open. You want to make sure the fit is snug, so if your scissors have particularly thin blades, try sewing even further from the sides and then trimming the excess fabric.

Here are the two I made--one for me, and one for my sister:

I used a thick vinyl for both, and used two strands of gutermann cotton hand-quilting thread in a contrast color for the stitching. The same pattern fit both my gingher embroidery scissors and my sister's cheap generic ones. I hope you enjoy the pattern!