Sunday, October 12, 2014

even more food!

I'm back with some more food updates! Basically, I just want to show off the vegetable pot pie I've made. I love pot pie, and it's such a great dish because you can basically put whatever you want in the filling. For this pie, I had potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms. It turned out great!

I'm especially proud of the crust though. I've made pot pie filling before for a few parties, but only ever with my friend (who is an actual legit baker) making the crust for me. Mine obviously was not as good as hers is, but it was good nonetheless. 

I'm only one person, so this pie kept me fed for about 4 days. I basically had it lunch and dinner, and usually didn't even bother to reheat it. I'm odd in that I quite enjoy pot pies cold. :)

Anyway, I might make another soon. They are so good!

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