Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Present

Well, Christmas is over and I finished a lot of handmade christmas presents!

For my grandmother, I knit some mini christmas stocking ornaments. I loved this gift, as I just knit them throughout the year whenever I wanted a small, easily finished project. And I think they turned out adorable!

My sister got what I call a fine squishy scarf. It's made using purl bee's fisherman rib pattern, but in fingering weight yarn. I made one for myself and loved the drape and 'squishiness' of it, hence the name. She has been asking for one for months, and thought there was no way as I kept telling her I might have one done in four years. :) But instead she got one in her favorite color for christmas!

I am proudest of my mom's gift, however. I knit her some mittens from my own pattern, inspired by the wisconsin protests in february 2011. We both attended and helped protest, and I thought some warm mittens would be a comforting reminder that walker won't last forever. I really like how they turned out, and will be publishing a pattern shortly.

I still have a few more presents to finish (namely a friend's hobbit-themed mittens and one other)--but I will post those when I'm done! Either way, I had a great holiday season and am happy to be going back to school.

I also got some excellent presents of my own, including two! new spindles and great fiber. So expect to see a lot of spinning posts in the coming days. :)

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