Thursday, August 7, 2014


Some of my favorite things to hand sew are handkerchiefs. Although they aren't perhaps the most practical, they are very relaxing to sew, and I always feel a bit charmingly old-fashioned doing so.

The usual contents of my purse--wallet, sunglasses, handkerchief!

Recently I finished my first rolled-hem handkerchief! I followed this tutorial from the purl bee, and am thrilled with how it turned out!

I used some cotton shirting fabric I found in the remnants bin, and bright red thread to contrast. I quite like the masculine look, but next I think I want to find some pretty floral fabric. :)

I love red and blue together--so classy.

I was too tempted by the remainder of the shirting fabric, however, and made another one with pink thread:

I am trying to branch out in my color choices, so choosing pink is a big deal for me! And now I have two nice matching handkerchiefs. :)

I don't really use my handkerchiefs for nose-blowing (I'm rather a germaphobe) but I always keep one in my purse for any messes, as a napkin, or if I need to wrap something up. But mainly I just enjoy making them. 

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